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Step 1 of 4 - Tell us where you are and the service you need

  • Houston, TX (Woodlands to Galveston / Katy to Baytown)
  • Austin - Corpus Christi - Dallas - San Antonio (TX)
  • Midland - Odessa (TX)
  • Texas - Colorado - Louisiana
  • USA - Lower 48
  • Drop-Off

Instructions for Schedule a Pickup

To help you fill out the Schedule a Pick-up form, we have provided the following definitions.

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As a Houston, Texas-based company, we have different services level for Texas, which are as follows:

  • Houston Metropolitan Area. Woodlands to Galveston and from Sealy to Baytown. Approximately 60-mile radius.
  • Austin – Corpus Christi – Dallas – San Antonio (TX). We consider the region when scheduling service in these cities—approximately a 100-mile radius.
  • Midland – Odessa (TX). These cities encompass most of West Texas, Big Bend, and the Panhandle. Approximately 250-mile radius.

Texas customers outside of these areas fall into the state category with Colorado and Louisiana.

  • Texas | Colorado | Louisiana. Pick-ups are at the state level, and it doesn’t matter which town or city. Being that we have operations in these states, there are different rates.
  • The US – Lower 48, excludes Hawaii and Alaska. This service is for all other states.

Service Level

Pack and Ship- RPC Global will handle all aspects of your pick-up. You will not deal with a third-party transportation company, moving company, broker, or freight forwarding company. We have established relationships with logistic crews that work directly for us. That means you won’t have to pay any extra costs for transporting the equipment out of your facility.

Transport Only – With this service, all you need is the driver with a truck. Your team palletizes shipments. They are easily moveable by the driver using a pallet jack or forklift.

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Address. Enter the actual address where the crew will arrive to collect the equipment. It can be the headquarters or at a field site.

Building Type. Since different building types require different sets of tools, this section helps the crew prepare for the job. 

Truck Accessibility. Tell us what is the biggest sized vehicle that this location can accommodate. For example, in downtown locations, a box truck or even a cargo van will be the maximum sized vehicle.

Truck Parking. If a loading dock is unavailable, a lift-gate is necessary. The lift-gate allows the crew to lift the equipment onto the truck from the ground-level.

Building Details. Select any or all the options that are available/required at the pick-up location. If not applicable, do not select.

Check-In. In most cases, the crew will check-in with the company rep, also known as the Site-Contact. However, some facilities require that the crew check-in with either the receptionist or the security.

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We understand that many times it is not possible to determine what needs to be collected. The purpose of this page is to best help the crew understand the scope of work. For example, if we need to collect a floor-model copier from the 17th floor, we need to know this detail. The last thing we want to do is send a driver without crew.

If you have a list of equipment or even picture, please upload them by clicking SELECT FILES.

If requested, we offer Site-Evaluations. One of our representatives will visit you and determine the best way to pick-up the equipment.

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On this last page, please enter the name of the Site-Contact. This person is who the crew will reach out to on the date of the scheduled appointment. At some locations, they are called Escorts.

In cases where the Site-Contact is unavailable, please list an Alternate Contact.

Preferred DATE and TIME. Although we try our best to accommodate your preferred appointment, there are times that we must propose a new date and time. For example, some locations only allow after-hour pick-ups.

After submitting this form, one of our team members will follow-up with you to discuss the schedule and to finalize the appointment.