Don’t Trust Your Data to Just Anyone

In business, your reputation is everything. With so much of our personal and company data so easily accessible, the risks associated with a data breach can be catastrophic. Failing to destroy data properly exposes your company to breaches that could be costly to your organization, your clients, and your team. RPC Global understands the severity of this risk and has developed an effective strategy that protects your brand at all costs. Our commitment to protecting your sensitive information is designed to protect, secure, and destroy any information held within the equipment we collect from your organization, allowing you to dispose of unwanted equipment with confidence. We guarantee that every single item that arrives in RPC Global undergoes a sanitization process that irretrievably removes all vestiges of its previous owner.

Free Services Versus Paid Service

Option 1: Data Wiping - FREE Service

Data wiping is the use of software to destroy your data. Every data-bearing device that enters the facility automatically receives this service at no charge. This includes hard drives, cellphones, laptops, tablets, and memory sticks.

Option 2: Shredding - PAID Service

Shredding is the physical destruction of data-bearing devices in the maximum level of data destruction available. This is designed when for when nothing less will do.


  • Hard Drives: $6.00 per device (1-50 pieces)
  • More than 50 pieces: CALL FOR A QUOTE
  • Tape, Floppy, CDs, etc.: CALL FOR A QUOTE

Peace Of Mind

  • Protect your brand name
  • Protect yourself against snooper
  • Protect your confidential information

Meet Our Shredder

100% Certified Data Destruction

At RPC Global we have an Ameri-Shred AMD-750HD industrial shredder which is capable of shredding hard drives, backup tapes, cell phones, DVDs, and assorted e-scrap.

This slow speed, high torque shredder is the ultimate data-destruction device and is perfect when nothing less will do.

Shredding Specs
Standard drives per hour: 1350
Server drives per hour: 750

Data Destruction 9

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