Rey Gonzalez – Founder and Father

We believe recycling benefits, everyone. That would explain why my dad (Rey) and I (Abe) started our company over 25 years ago.

Its original name was Right Price Computers. Back then, we bought non-working computers, fixed them up, and offered them for sale to the public. Things changed after a Fortune 500 company approached us to dispose of computers they had piled up at one of their facilities. It was then that we started recycling them. By 2001, we closed Right Price Computers and started RPC Global to better reflect this new service offering.

Abe Gonzalez – Son and Co-Founder

Over time, we noticed that many units arriving at our facility still worked, i.e., it was “not junk,” and they could be reused. So, today when IT departments call us to collect their unneeded hardware, we pay for the items that still have value and recycle the rest.

What We Do

As small business owners ourselves, we understand all too well the need to make intelligent and strategic choices.  For many Mom and Pop shops, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, the cost of buying new technology can be daunting for most and entirely unattainable for others.  With our background in supporting corporate America and working alongside some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, RPC Global has secured countless strategic business connections that allow us access to some of the greatest, latest, and most innovative computer technology available today.  While multi-billion-dollar corporations have the funding to replace their computers and technology, the line-item cost for a small business owner to purchase the same equipment can be nearly impossible. Driven by logistics and longstanding relationships, we buy and collect retired IT assets. Our team of computer and technology experts purchase, upgrade, refurbish, and restore these powerful machines and offer them to our valued customers at tremendous savings.  The result?  Your company gets the high-powered technology it needs to compete, grow, survive, and thrive – and all at incredibly affordable prices.

Doing Our Part

As a family-owned and operated small business, RPC Global is run with the same values, beliefs, and principles that we have in our home.  Patriarch Rey raised his family to live with integrity, speak with honesty, and maintain a commitment to always doing the right thing – even if it was hard.  These teachings inform everything we do – both in business and in life.  At RPC Global, we actively do our part to not only deliver exceptional service and high-quality products to our valued customers – but we are tireless in our efforts to protect the environment.  We believe in sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmentally sound practices that promote a healthier and brighter future for our planet and the generations to follow us.  RPC Global prides itself on not only embracing and practicing aggressive recycling practices but also utilizing our profits to not only fund our day-to-day operations but fully cover the cost of recycling.


We carry full Commercial Liability Insurance.

Minority Certification

RPC Global is pleased to be MBE Certified (Click to view) through the Houston Minority Supplier Diversity Council.


  • It was very nice to meet you and your team at our Fair on April 22nd. Thank you very much for participating and for bringing all the information and collecting all the recyclable electronics. The Fair was a huge success, and we appreciate you, Juanita, Jose, David and Daniel taking the time to be a part of it.
    - Allison M., Energy Company
  • St. Joseph House sincerely thanks you for your very generous donation of the laptop computers. We were touched by such generosity. The computers will allow us to stay abreast of technology... these computers will be invaluable to our members.
    - Grant Kennedy, St. Joseph House

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