We Buy and Resell Computer Electronics

We buy computers, lots of them! It doesn’t matter if you manage a large corporation or a small retail shop. We even travel around the country in search of great deals. If we reach an agreement with a seller, we pack up their computer equipment and get it ready for transport. Our delivery driver will then bring the equipment to our headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Picture of an RPC Purchasing Agent.

You don’t have to manage anything throughout this process, just sit back and watch us work. There is no need to hire a third-party transportation company, moving company, broker, or freight forwarding company. We have our own transportation crew that works directly for us. That means you won’t have to pay any extra costs for transporting the equipment out of your facility.

If you have e-waste computer equipment that is taking up space in your facility and want to get rid of it, we can take care of it. All you do is Schedule a Pickup for our crew to come to your address and pick up the equipment that you wish to recycle. The job will get done quickly, quietly, and safely. RPC Global is an R2 Certified Recycling Company. We earned this certification because we actively protect the environment and create many new green jobs in the community. We are committed to ‘Disposing your PC and making it RPC.’

A satisfied RPC Global team member after completing a service request.

We are proud of our work because it helps businesses clear out their clutter and generate some money in the process. RPC Global dedicates itself to providing high-quality customer support and assistance to all our potential customers and existing clients, knowing that your used computer has a second chance at being useful to those who need it most.

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We can also be reached at (713)783-5916 or Toll-Free: (877) 653-1324 via telephone Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm CST.