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RPC Global collects unwanted computer and electronic products from all parts in the USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Bogota, Colombia; and Caracas, Venezuela. We are experts in Local/International laws andregulations, as well as expectations regarding disposaltransportation and data security services

All equipment collected will then be sent to the company‘s refurbishing facility located in Houston, TX whereit will undergo a thorough sanitation process to remove all vestiges of their previous owner before preparingthem for resale. Small businesses, Charitable organizations, Academic users, Persons with a disabilityandLow-Income families are the primary beneficiaries of RPC Global refurbished computer products.


Whether your company is relocating to Houston, needs to clean out a storage room in Midland or are moving into new offices, RPC Global has the expertise to make your project, a successful project

Our 15-year history has been a thrill ridehaving completed many projectsincluding:

  • IT Refresh Cycles – Scheduling pickups at a regular date and timeProfit sharing.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Removal of overlapping technology, respecting employee morale.
  • Relocations – Supporting management to close down an office or buildingensuring nothing is leftbehind.
  • Consolidations – Being a single-source contact when merging multiple offices is a life-saver.
  • Field Office Support – Providing service to Unmanned / Remote / Rural sites.
  • Hurricane / Flooding – Proper disposal of storm damaged equipment.
  • Special Requests – After-hours, Weekends, Hotshot services, etc…

Yet, our greatest success has been developing long-term working relationships with our clientsTheserelationships provide us great satisfaction knowing the service we provide benefits everyone, as well as, giving us the opportunity to work in the industry we are passionate about, recycling.


RPC Global works with IT Asset Management, Facilities Management, Procurement Officers, and Property Management to deliver the following services:

  • Collection and Transportation – Safely, Securely, and Efficiently
  • Data Security – Tamper proof packaging. Data wiping / Hard drive shredding
  • E-Waste Management – Compliance with Local, State, Federal Regulations. Audit reporting.
  • Profit sharing – Paying with certified funds for functioning, newer and high-value equipment

If you need more information please CONTACT US and a team member will follow-up with your request. Thank You!

Why Recycle

img-06RPC Global believes recycling is the cleanest, most efficient, and effective method for disposing of electronic waste. Read more »

What They Say

St. Joseph House sincerely thanks you for your very generous donation of the laptop computers. We were touched by such generosity. The computers will allow us to stay abreast of technology. Furthermore, the computers will assist members in their work-ordered day. For example, they can look up potential employers and apply for jobs on the internet. In other words, these computers will be invaluable to our members. We are glad to have you in our social network and look forward to a continued relationship.
Grant Kennedy, St. Joseph House

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