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Practicing safety and security creates a challenge to our employees that is rewarding and holds them accountable to their work. It is this challenge that inspires us each day to work smart, test the standard, strengthen our morality, and provides us the satisfaction knowing the service we provide benefits everyone involved.



Safety is our #1 Priority. Every process in our service has built-in procedures for protecting the employee’s health, at your location and at our facility. It is with considerable pride we can say that we have never had a single incident or accident. We credit this directly to training, awareness, and management procedures. We wish to share our commitment to safety with your company.


We have also built-in security features that protect the equipment as it passes from your site to our facility and eventually to the end-user. Combining safety and security is the optimal strategy for managing IT assets, the basis of our method.


The next stage in the method is unloading the equipment at our facility where it will undergo a thorough processing. Each item that enters the facility passes through the following processes:

  • Company assets tags are removed
  • A barcode label will be applied to the item so that it can be tracked
  • Make, model, and serial number are inputted into the disposal report
  • Working hard drives are wiped using a D.O.D. 3-Pass Wipe
  • Non-working hard drives and bulk media are shredded
  • All equipment is tested and cleaned
  • Refurbished equipment is labeled and prepared for resale
  • Obsolete equipment is dismantled for its spare parts value
  • Recyclable material is collected and weighed
  • A Disposal Report will be supplied for your records

Why Recycle?

img-06RPC Global believes recycling is the cleanest, most efficient, and effective method for disposing of electronic waste. Read more »

What They Say

St. Joseph House sincerely thanks you for your very generous donation of the laptop computers. We were touched by such generosity. The computers will allow us to stay abreast of technology.Furthermore, the computers will assist members in their work-ordered day. For example, they can look up potential employers and apply for jobs on the internet. In other words, these computers will be invaluable to our members. We are glad to have you in our social network and look forward to a continued relationship.

– Grant Kennedy, St. Joseph House

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