100% Secure Data Destruction:

Based on the customer’s request, RPC Global will employ either, Data Wiping or Shredding, for destroying data.RPC-Hard-Drive-Shredding-Before-During-After

To wipe, or to shred, that is the question?

Located in a secure area where only authorized personnel are allowed to enter RPC Global has the ability to destroy data on up to 700 devices a day.

Why Recycle?

img-06RPC Global believes recycling is the cleanest, most efficient, and effective method for disposing of electronic waste. Read more »

What They Say

It was very nice to meet you and your team at our Fair on April 22nd. Thank you very much for participating and for bringing all the information and collecting all the recyclable electronics. The Fair was a huge success, and we appreciate you, Juanita, Jose, David and Daniel taking the time to be a part of it.

– Allison M. – Energy Company

of Wiping

  • Does not require opening the computer and removing the
    hard drive

  • Functioning hard drives can be used again

  • Provides the added benefit of  “TESTING” the computer

Advantages of

  • HIPAA and Gramm Breach

  • Utterly destroys data

  • Eliminates any doubt as to whether the device contains

  • Hard drives can be recycled as scrap metal

In our experience, the safest place for storing a hard drive is inside the computer, after all computers are mini-fortresses designed to keep people out.  As a result, RPC Global employs data wiping as it’s primary tool for destroying data on working hard drives.

RPC Global shreds all non-working hard drives, flash memory, and bulk tape.

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